Pool Houses

Our pool houses and spa gazebos provide the perfect option for your pool and spa area, with an indoor area for changing and storage plus a covered deck area to shade you from the summer sun so you won't miss out on a minute of the action.

Don't have a pool? You'll only be limited by your own imagination. Our pool houses and spa gazebos are great for storage, a playhouse, studio, office, workshop or simply getting away from it all.

A Spa Gazebo or Pool House provides all the benefits of the outdoors with the benefits of having the indoors too. Make the most out of your pool and spa area.

Floor Plans / Wood / Decking

You decide how your pool house will best be configured. We can make the enclosed areas larger or choose to maximize your porch area. You'll have your pool house for years to come and we want you to be satisfied with the floor plan you choose.

Structural Posts

Our structural components are created with pressure treated lumber covered by a vinyl sleeve to protect the lumber from ever coming in contact with the elements or splintering. This also has the added benefit of being very easy to maintain.

High Quality Vinyl

In order for your structure's vinyl to withstand the harsh elements, we only utilize the highest grade vinyl. Our vinyl is thicker which allows it to stand the test of time while still being attractive. Choose from white or ivory. Vinyl has been used in construction for a long time, especially in structures such as fences. But there is a big difference in the quality of vinyl used for outdoor applications. We use only vinyl with highest grade ingredients and added thickness for extended service life and attractive appearance. Select from White or Ivory.


Decking Constructed Of

An alternative to traditional wood decking, AZEK Deck is made of cellular PVC. Engineered with Procell® technology, this is a low maintenance decking material that resists stains, weather damage and insects.


Roofing Options

Meadowview offers three roofing options for your structure. Each adds dimension and definition to the finished product and are long lasting roofing options that will protect your structure for years to come. Choose from Architectural Asphalt Shingles, Slate-Look Composite, or Cedar Shingles. Once you determine the type of roofing, you can then select the color for your shingles and underlay or ceiling for your structure.



Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Weathered Wood


Earthtone Cedar

Dual Brown


Dual Gray

Forest Green

Slate-Look Composite



Cedar Brown

Earth Green

Stone Red

Chestnut Brown

Dome and Bell Gazebos do not offer slate-look composite as a roofing option.

Note: Colors represented may not be accurate. Please see our dealer samples for actual shingle color.


Our ceilings are constructed

 with tongue and grove boards that are not only beautiful to look at but functional and durable as well. These boards are called underlay and can be constructed of pressure treated lumber or cedar depending on your preference.

Corner Braces

Standard Brace

Colonial Brace

Deluxe Brace

Heritage Brace

Superior Brace

Rails and Spindles

Our Timeless Gazebo components are created with pressure treated lumber covered by a vinyl sleeve to protect the lumber from ever coming in contact with the elements or splintering. This also has the added benefit of being very easy to maintain.



Each vinyl spindle is expertly fitted into the hand and foot rails by dowels precisely cut to fit and epoxied into place. This results in solid rails and spindles that are not just attractive but will remain functional for years to come.


Screen / Windows

You'll want to enjoy your timeless screened gazebo as much as possible. A screen gazebo from us not only provides comfort but also adds protection so you can enjoy your time outdoors free of pesky insects.

Designed for optimum fit, our screens will fit tightly at both the bottom and top.

Screened Gazebo Frame Options

Gazebo Frames

Mid-range - Roll-Formed Aluminum Frames available in White, Almond, and Bronze (Illustrated)
Premium - Extruded Aluminum Frames (not shown)

Window Enclosure System

Screen Gazebo

Consider adding our exclusive 4-track window enclosure system to your screened gazebo for maximum use and functionality. On cool, rainy or windy days, simply raise the windows. This will keep the warmth in and wind and rain out. On gorgeous days, lower the windows to enjoy the fresh, open air in your new screen gazebo.

The 4-track window enclosure is a very popular option to add if you are looking to maximize your investment.


Add benches to your gazebo for increased usability.

Freestanding or built-in benches in wood or vinyl will add instant seating to your gazebo.

The hardest decision to make is do you want just one bench or benches on all sides for maximum seating.


Electric can be installed professionally for any of our products. This will allow you greater use of your structure as you can add lighting or run an appliance.

Determine where you would like electrical outlets positioned and we will provide switches as well as the connections and wiring.

All outlets are GFI (Ground Fault Interrupters) as they are recommended for use in areas that endure a range of conditions to protect you from shock. GFI outlets are commonly found in household restrooms and feature a reset button in the event that they are tripped.

We highly recommend adding electric to your structure and know you'll be happy you did!

Pool House 1
Pool House 2
Pool House 3
Pool House 4
Pool House 5
Pool House 1

Wooden rectangular pool house with a porch solid double doors.

Pool House 2

Vinyl rectangular pool house with a screened porch and vinyl siding.

Pool House 3

Vinyl rectangular pool house with a screened porch, single door and windows with shutters.

Pool House 4

Vinyl rectangular pool house with a porch and solid panels with glass.

Pool House 5

Vinyl rectangular pool house with a screened porch and a reverse gable with arched window.